Character Creation

There are three traits: Physical, Intellectual and Interpersonal. They each start at 0 which means they give a 0% bonus to skills that use that trait. A player has the option of rolling a d10 for his trait. On a roll of 1, the trait gets a -2 (-20% to rolls). On a roll of 2 through 3, the trait gets a -1. On a roll of 4 through 7 the trait stays at 0. On a roll of 8 through 9 the trait gets a 1 (10% to rolls). On a roll of 10, that trait gets a +2.

The character now has the opportunity to roll for physical attractiveness. This can give a bonus to rolls in certain situations. A d10 is rolled following the same scale given above. The scale is: Ugly, unattractive, normal, handsome, very attractive. If the character opts not to roll, they are considered normal.

The character now chooses a background. The background will give different traits and skills bonuses, and will allow the player to choose Specific Skills.

Now current employment bonuses kick in. Because all the players in the game are assumed to currently be employed by the LAPD as detectives, their training gives them the following bonuses: +1 to Athletics, +1 Aim, and +1 to awareness.

The player now has 8 skill points to distribute among their skills and Specific Skills. The total points to any one skill cannot exceed 5.

Next the player should write a back-story for their character and give them a name. It should reflect why they entered their background and why they are now in the LAPD. Players should think of motivations and beliefs that their character would have.

Average salary for an LAPD detective is $50,000 a year. Assume that no more than $15,000 can be saved in any one year, and depending on how frugal the person is the number may be less. Consider how many years have been spent in work and previous employment and try and come up with a reasonable savings figure and record it. LAPD pays salary bi-weekly (Averages around $1923.07) After taxes this becomes $1300. After living expenses this becomes $500 disposable income bi-weekly. Any particular assets such as cars, computers, guns and such are subject to GM approval. Record these in the assets section.

Character Creation

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